Making a falling sand simulator

Exploring how virtual DOM is implemented in React

Programming Style Influences

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So apparently the Cloudflare worker runtime is being open sourced. Maybe other "serverless" stuff will follow? I also came across some interesting web proposals for Decentralized Identifiers which I hadn't heard about before. These things both fascinate and scare me. Kind of like how Microsoft and Google are pushing for passwords to be replaced by phones. Sounds super inconvenient if you don't have a phone. If you want to read some whacky comments, you should check out the latter part of the comment section here. The deeper I go into technology and code, the more I can see myself becoming a paranoid old man decrying spyware on obscure forums via my pigeon based network.
If you're a fan of me including more random stuff I find in my curation induced trials and tribulations, like today, let me know! If you're not, also let me know as well! Anyway, here's the issue.


Making a falling sand simulator

Published: 9 May 2022
Tags: javascript

Jason McGhee demonstrates how to implement an 8-bit styled sand falling simulator in JavaScript.


Exploring how virtual DOM is implemented in React

Published: 3 May 2022
Tags: react

Andrei Gatej dives into the workings of the React virtual DOM by focusing on the FiberNodes and FiberTree that make it up.


Programming Style Influences

Published: 10 May 2022
Tags: c, philosophy

Not really a deep-dive, but I think it covers a subject that isn't much covered in programming. Laurence Tratt discusses how OpenBSD influenced his coding style and what people who write code have to gain from seeking out such influences.

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