One Polynomial Approximation to Produce Correctly Rounded Results for Multiple Representations and Rounding Modes

Server-side vs Client-side Analytics

TailwindCSS Tips

Issue #211



It's been a while since I've done any reading in an actual book. It's kind of a bummer, because I was a pretty avid book reader, racking in around 30 books in a year in 2019. I think being frequently on the move (makes it inconvenient to carry around a bunch of books) and curating this newsletter (kind of burns me out on reading) are the major contributors to the decline.
To counteract the first point, I got an e-reader, but I discovered this morning that it no longer wants to connect to my laptop, so I can't add any new books. Sigh. This is the third one that broke on me. The second one was definitely my fault, since I accidentally cracked the screen when getting up, but the other two just decided to stop working out of nowhere. I find that the e-readers are fine for books I read for entertainment (fiction), but they're not really great for technical books where I'd like to take notes. I wonder, dear readers, do any of you know of an e-readers that do note taking well, preferably with a stylus? I don't want to go the route of getting a tablet, because I generally want to minimize my backlit screen time.
Anyway, here's the issue.


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One Polynomial Approximation to Produce Correctly Rounded Results for Multiple Representations and Rounding Modes

Published: 28 April 2022
Tags: math

Santosh Nagarakatte and Jay Lim discuss the intricacies of coming up with a method for correctly rounding elementary functions.


Server-side vs Client-side Analytics

Published: 28 April 2022
Tags: web

Dave Rupert explores some of the issues with two different approaches to analytics on the web and how one should approach interpreting the results.


TailwindCSS Tips

Published: 26 April 2022
Tags: css

Matthew Weier O'Phinney presents a quick introduction to TailwindCSS, then covers some of the pros and cons, giving a good overview of what the library ethos is.

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