Floating Point in the Browser, Part 3: When x+y=x

Abstract Classes vs. Interfaces in C# - What You Know is Probably Wrong

The case for a learned sorting algorithm

Issue #20


A Byte of Coding Issue #20
I hope you all had a blast of a weekend. I sure did, even though I'd have to take a 3-4 hour nap in the afternoon because of jet lag. It seems to be mostly over now, which is nice. The hardware clock is ticking back on schedule.

I've been thinking a lot about the future of the newsletter over the past couple of days. Partially because being in sleep deprived, delirious state makes me think of the future, but probably mostly because someone emailed me with interest in putting an ad on the newsletter. Now personally, I'm not a huge fan of ads (at least when they completely miss their mark targeting wise), but with starting a company on one hand, and the upcoming ski season on the other, a little extra cash will definitely not hurt, even if it just pays for the service fees to keep this running.
So I've decided to also pursue trying to increase the subscriber base. I think we're in a decent place in terms of the professionalism of the template and consistency of the issues, so as they say, there's no time like the present!

I got some tips from Pek on the marketing he used to do, which mostly consists of posting on public forums, which I will definitely put into use, since it's free. When I get around to making the posts, I'll include the links here, and would really appreciate it if you would follow them and upvote the post to get it some more exposure. Until then, here's the issue!

PS. I also had a reader write in and send me an article they wrote, which I thoroughly enjoyed! If you write any programming related pieces, feel free to send them to me!

Floating Point in the Browser, Part 3: When x+y=x

Published: 18 October 2020
Tags: javascript, chromium

My motto for this newsletter is that you find inspiration in unexpected places. I think that rings especially true when you're debugging code, and the solution comes from some past or obscure material you once read. In this diagnostic article, Bruce Dawson demonstrates how seemingly unrelated knowledge about floating point addition came in handy when debugging a problem in Chromium.

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Abstract Classes vs. Interfaces in C# - What You Know is Probably Wrong

Published: 18 October 2020
Tags: c#

Interfaces and abstract classes used to have some very significant distinctions between them in C#. But the recent updates in C#8 have blurred the line. Jeremy Bytes straight-to-the-point article goes through the previous major differences between these two abstractions, and explains how the majority of the past restrictions on interfaces have been completely removed. Jeremy also provides personal implementation tips, like when to choose what abstraction.

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The case for a learned sorting algorithm

Published: 19 October 2020
Tags: ai, algorithms

I'm pretty convinced a machine running the most state-of-the-art sorting algorithm is going to be the first artificial intelligence to gain sentience. A stretch? Maybe, but the joke doesn't take away from how impressive these algorithms are. In this summative article, Adrian Colyer highlights the key points of a published paper that describes a machine learning sorting algorithm that "outperforms the next best competitor, RadixSort, by a factor of 1.49x". The crazy part? This includes time spent training.

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