How to Conditionally Add Attributes to Objects

Video processing with WebCodecs

Classic Path.DirectorySeparatorChar gotchas when moving from .NET Core on Windows to Linux

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A Byte of Coding Issue #19
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Here's that issue.

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How to Conditionally Add Attributes to Objects

Published: 15 October 2020
Tags: javascript

There are a ton of situations where it's useful to conditionally add something to an object in JavaScript, like when you're submitting data with a form and some fields are optional. In this ultra-short article (this summary might be longer?), David Walsh shows how you can use ?? (nullish coalescing operator) in JavaScript to conditionally add key/value pairs to objects.

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Video processing with WebCodecs

Published: 13 October 2020
Tags: browser, javascript

With the explosion of streaming services, like streaming movies, TV shows, or people live streaming, streaming libraries for browsers have also popped up all over the place. One disadvantage with most of these libraries is that they don't allow you to manipulate lower level features. Eugene Zemtsov has written an article introducing the WebCodecs API, which give developers access to browser built-in features like "video and audio decoders, video and audio encoders, raw video frames, and image decoders". Eugene also explains the workflow and provides examples for each of the individual components.

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Classic Path.DirectorySeparatorChar gotchas when moving from .NET Core on Windows to Linux

Published: 13 October 2020
.net, azure

Running applications across different operating systems and build numbers can be a headache. Not only do you have to be aware of all of the major differences, but by not taking into consideration some more obscure ones, everything could break when you least expect it to. Scott Hanselman's informative article describes one of the most common issues in cross platform functionality, directory path separator character management, and how he fixed it when moving his app.

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