What’s up with TimeZoneInfo on .NET 6? (Part 1)

APISIX, an API Gateway the Apache way

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Technical Solutions Poorly Solve Social Problems

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Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Here's today's issue!


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Through this simple analogy by 451 Research, get a better understanding of virtualization, containers, and Kubernetes. Learn the differences between these big topics and the role of each in a multicloud future.


What’s up with TimeZoneInfo on .NET 6? (Part 1)

Published: 4 February 2022
Tags: c#, dotnet

Jon Skeet discusses integrating the new .NET time types into the Noda Time library.


APISIX, an API Gateway the Apache way

Published: 26 March 2022
Tags: apache

Nicolas Fränkel explains a bit of the history of backend servers and the birth of APIs, then focuses on an API implementation using Apache APISIX.


A Non-Tech Explainer of Containers and Kubernetes

Published: 15 March 2022
Tags: kubernetes, sponsored

Although aimed at a non-tech audience, this report presents a good analogy for understanding Kubernetes, containers, and virtualization. Impress your friends and colleagues with your newfound non-technical explaining prowess.


Technical Solutions Poorly Solve Social Problems

Published: 16 March 2022
Tags: philosophy

Xe Iaso starts a discourse by presenting some of the issues resulting from the modern devops philosophy.

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