Encapsulated vs systemic complexity in protocol design

Announcing TypeScript 4.6

Solid.js feels like what I always wanted React to be

Issue #177



Sorry about the delay on the past issues. It's really hard not to get distracted by the news lately with a big part of my family living in Russia. Of course it's nowhere near as bad Ukraine, and my deepest sympathies for anyone there (part of my family lived there until a few years ago). I don't want to get into politics and talk about something I'm not an expert in (seems like everyone is an expert these days), but any war is terrible. We're all people at the end of the day, and life should be celebrated, not used as a means to achieve some political motive.
Anyway, here's the issue.


Encapsulated vs systemic complexity in protocol design

Published: 28 March 2022
Tags: cryptography, design patterns

Vitalik Buterin discusses the differences in encapsulated and systemic complexity using cryptography functions as an example.


Announcing TypeScript 4.6

Published: 28 February 2022
Tags: typescript

Daniel Rosenwasser presents the new changes in TypeScript 4.6.


Solid.js feels like what I always wanted React to be

Published: 27 February 2022
Tags: web

Nick Scialli compares solid.js and React, highlighting the positive aspects of the former web framework.

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