A decade of major cache incidents at Twitter

The First Bite on etcd Code

Implementing A Svelte Store In Rust

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This weekend I decided that writing the web dev course is not my thing. Someone I respect asked me what problems I want to deal with in the future, and honestly, the problems associated with teaching don't really interest me. I'll focus on doing what I enjoy, like writing code and learning new tools/languages. Plus I have a ton of projects associated with the newsletter I'd like to realize, one of which would be a search engine page on the website that uses all of the articles I've curated as the sources. Could be pretty cool! Anyway, here's the issue.
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A decade of major cache incidents at Twitter

Published: 11 February 2022
Tags: cache

Dan Luu and Yao Yue cover 12 major incidents that occurred at Twitter due to cache issues, including background information, mitigations, and lessons learned.


The First Bite on etcd Code

Published: 9 February 2022
Tags: kubernetes

Stefanie Lai etcd, the distributed reliable key-value store that acts as Kubernete's "blood vessel", relaying the end-state of resources to various "organs".


Implementing A Svelte Store In Rust

Published: 13 February 2022
Tags: javascript, ruby, svelte

Dave Ceddia does what the title suggests, with a focus on unveiling the magic behind Svelte stores via the implementation of their contract in Rust.

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