An in-depth perspective on webpack's bundling process

The Clojure Promise

A Fulcio Deep Dive

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An in-depth perspective on webpack's bundling process

Published: 27 September 2021
Tags: javascript

This article is from one of the readers of the newsletter! Web developers often have to deal with bundlers, which are tools that help coalesce all of the different files and file types that go into making a modern website. Webpack is one of the most popular tools for this, and in this extensive article, Andrei Gatej thoroughly explains its inner workings.


The Clojure Promise

Published: 14 November 2021
Tags: clojure

Although the introduction of the async library has made promises somewhat obsolete, they still might have some niche use cases in Clojure. Gary Verhaegen has written an article that breaks down what a promise is, explores its relation to other languages and other Clojure constructs, and a couple of its uses.


A Fulcio Deep Dive

Published: 12 November 2021
Tags: cryptography

Fulcio is Sigstore's new free, community-driven Code Signing Certificate Authority, which basically provides programmers with an easier method for signing their code. Dan Lorenc's article highlights some of the similarities it shares with Let's Encrypt, what exactly Fulcio does, how it does it, and some other neat features like offline verification.

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