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Etsy’s Journey to TypeScript

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If you're a writer, please add dates to your articles. The timelessness of your writing should be apparent in the writing itself, not in the lack of a date. Another issue for you, hot off the press!


Programming with Something

Published: 12 November 2021
Tags: ruby

Ruby, ruby, ruby, ruby! Aaaaaahaaaaa. How many language features do you actually need to program? Tom Stuart originally did a talk that demonstrated one can still "write useful programs in Ruby if we only allow ourselves to create procs and call proc". In this new article, Tom focuses on implementing from scratch objects that could achieve similar results to the proc only encoding approach.


Etsy’s Journey to TypeScript

Published: 8 November 2021
Tags: typescript, javascript

Migrating a huge project can be a huge bummer. But if you gotta do it, you gotta do it. So what's the best approach? Who knows. But in this article, Salem Hilal describes how the Etsy team handled migrating their massive JavaScript monorepo to TypeScript, presenting their strategy, and then focusing on technical details of optimizing using types.


Moving faster

Published: 23 October 2021
Tags: philosophy

More of a philosophical/self-help piece that looks at improving your programming abilities. Jamie Brandon describes some of the methods he uses to speed up his process for writing code. Specifically, Jamie covers how to make decisions, improve focus, batching, making small changes, shortening feedback loops, writing stuff down, reducing frequent mistakes, making low level skills automatic, and reflecting.

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