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Last updated: 2022/11/21

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CQRS and MediatR in ASP.NET Core

So we've had posts about design patterns (forgot that word last time). And it's because I like them. Like I said before, I feel like a lot of time and decision effort is lost when you're building out a big project and maybe forget how you've been doing things. Well this article presents two different patterns, then goes on to explaining how these patterns are used in the MediatR library for networking in ASP.NET.

Classic Path.DirectorySeparatorChar gotchas when moving from .NET Core on Windows to Linux

Running applications across different operating systems and build numbers can be a headache. Not only do you have to be aware of all of the major differences, but by not taking into consideration some more obscure ones, everything could break when you least expect it to. Scott Hanselman's informative article describes one of the most common issues in cross platform functionality, directory path separator character management, and how he fixed it when moving his app.

File IO improvements in .NET 6

Reading from/writing to files is going to a play a role in most systems, making it a crucial feature of any language/framework. Well with .NET 6, there have been a number of changes to the FileStream class. In this expansive article, Adam Sitnik covers all of the improvements for FileStream that fall under performance, thread-safe file IO, scatter/gather IO, and some breaking changes.

Performance Improvements in .NET 7

The Stephen Toub writes about how performance is a key focus in the development of .NET 7 and how there has been a lot of progress made in this area in the last year. Stephen goes on to say that there are almost 1000 performance-related Pull Requests (out of 7000 total). The article covers: JIT, GC, Native AOT, Mono, Reflection, Interop, Threading, Primitive Types and Numerics, Arrays, Strings, and Spans, Regex, Collections, LINQ, File I/O, Compression, Networking, JSON, XML, Cryptography, Diagnostics, Exceptions, Registry, and Analyzers. It's way too long for highlights, just read it.

How to create maintainable Lambda functions using custom C# templates

Renato Golia presents a project of his called AWSLambdaSharpTemplate, which helps you write complicated lambda functions using C#, faster.
Some highlights:

  • The idea is to "use the Template Method pattern to give developers an experience that looks like the one offered by ASP.NET Core and its Startup class"
  • There are a bunch of additional resources linked for each different part of developing good lambda functions
  • Lambdas are difficult to maintain for complicated systems

Creating a Static Web Content Project for Publishing with WebDeploy

Rick Strahl presents how to deploy a static website with .NET Core and Visual Studio.

What’s up with TimeZoneInfo on .NET 6? (Part 1)

Jon Skeet discusses integrating the new .NET time types into the Noda Time library.

(Re) Introducing Jasper as a Command Bus

Jeremy D. Miller reveals a new version of a .NET open source library he's developed for in memory command bus or asynchronous messaging in applications.

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