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Last updated: 2022/04/25

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Abstract Classes vs. Interfaces in C# - What You Know is Probably Wrong

Interfaces and abstract classes used to have some very significant distinctions between them in C#. But the recent updates in C#8 have blurred the line. Jeremy Bytes straight-to-the-point article goes through the previous major differences between these two abstractions, and explains how the majority of the past restrictions on interfaces have been completely removed. Jeremy also provides personal implementation tips, like when to choose what abstraction.

What is yield and how does it work in C#?

"The yield keyword is used to build generators of element sequences". But why is this useful? Nikita Lipilin looks under-the-hood of yield in C#, examines various cases, and highlights when yield is convenient or when there’s no need for it.

Gentle Introduction to Realtime Fluid Simulation for Programmers and Technical Artists

Graphics are one of the most identifiable results of programming. Ain't nobody going to see a video game or simulation and not think of the code that went into it... right? Well in this extensive article, Shahriar Shahrabi, as the title implies, gives an intro to fluid simulation. Although basic at times, it really does dive into different factors that make it such a seemingly daunting task.

Organizing Code by Feature using Verticle Slices

I hated working with Angular (web dev framework), because it split up all of the code relevant to a page or component into 4 different files. The mental fatigue from switching between files and keeping track of everything just to switch one thing was too much for me. Unsurprisingly, there are people who agree, and in this article, Derek Comartin shows with an ASP .NET example the advantages of using the titular approach.

Async and Async Void Event Handling in WPF

Rick Strahl gives a brief overview of writing async code in C# and then demonstrates how to get around some nuanced issues in older .NET libraries like WinForms.

Diagnosing an ASP.NET Core hard crash

Jon Skeet takes us through diagnosing a crashing server running on ASP.NET.

DbContextExtensions: An approach to managing the EF Core DbContext

Since you just had a refresher on DI concepts in the article above, what better way is there to transition into this article by Philipp Wagner that applies it to the EntityFramework Core in C#. In this extensive article, Philipp implements an app for the Data Access Layer, using DbContextScope to keep track of the who, what, where, and how.

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