Climbing Mount Effect

Two counterintuitive results

Code memory safety and efficiency by example

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A Byte of Coding Issue #73
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Climbing Mount Effect

Published: 3 July 2021
Tags: design philosophy

Let's just get this out of the way from the start; the header on this site is insanely cool. With that done, in this article Steven Wittens discusses the advantages of using a declarative style of programming. Steven highlights the quickly growing complexity of an imperative system using a typical website example and how repetitive, but simple design for handling effects can be more advantageous than a more common approach using unique steps.

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Two counterintuitive results

Published: 8 August 2021
Tags: math

When learnng about probability, I loved that sometimes your intuitive guess for what was the answer, was actually completely wrong. It was humbling. In this concise article, that uses "lecture notes from several of Tim Roughgarden’s courses at Stanford" as its basis, Arthur O'Dwyer highlights an interesting physics example with a counter intuitive answer, and a probability problem that results in complete success or (occasionally) complete failure.

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Code memory safety and efficiency by example

Published: 13 August 2021
Tags: c, cpp

Memory leaks lead to a death by a thousand cuts for a program. The topic also always brings me back my first C++ course in college (shudder). But it's about time we stop letting amazing hardware make up for our poor programming! In this extensive article, Marty Kalin gives an overview of memory for executing C programs, nested heap allocation, memory leakage and heap fragmentation, and static area storage.

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