A Look at iMessage in iOS 14

Inheritance Without Pointers


Issue #63


A Byte of Coding Issue #63
What's poppin wonderful people? Hope you have a great weekend. Here be the issue arrrrr. Keeping it short and sweet. Also lol of sadness @ Robinhood and the free market in general.

A Look at iMessage in iOS 14

Published: 28 January 2021
Tags: security

Why all of the security articles lately? Don't know, just been feeling them. In this one, Samuel Groß summarizes the fruits of reverse engineering iOS 14 to look for any signs of previous vulnerabilities to "memory corruption based 0-click exploits".

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Inheritance Without Pointers

Published: 29 January 2021
Tags: cpp

"Inheritance is a useful but controversial technique in C++". Basically it's easy to use incorrectly, but it's fairly useful in certain circumstances. Everything in moderation, right? Jonathan Boccara's article takes a look at a technique byPavel Novikov for using inheritance in C++ without pesky pointers to complicate implementation.

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Published: 24 January 2021
Tags: x86, linux

Although the complexity of modern computers is great, in that it allows to to quickly build wonderful applications that would've previously taken 1000x the resources, one downside is that it becomes really easy to miss out on all of the details of what your computer is actually doing. Justine Tunney's Blinkenlights is a neat binary emulator that allows you to watch under the hood of your computer when running an executable.

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