A Visual Tour of Backpropagation

Improve Performance Using SQL Functions in Postgres

Fast AF Fourier Transform (FafFT)

Issue #47


A Byte of Coding Issue #47
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A Visual Tour of Backpropagation

Published: 27 July 2020
machine learning

Backpropagation is one of the fundamentals of machine learning. Understanding it is required if you want to do any sort of real development in the field, rather than being a script kiddie. In this article, Jinay Jain introduces the concept and uses pictures to give an intuitive explanation of its intricacies.

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Improve Performance Using SQL Functions in Postgres

Published: 14 December 2020
Tags: postgres

SQL is a powerful language that can go much beyond simple querying. Although personally I like to keep anything too complex out of the DB, there are some functions that it does very well (like aggregates and filtering). Jason Porritt has written an extensive article with plenty of examples on CTE functions in Postgres and how they can help optimize performance over views.

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Fast AF Fourier Transform (FafFT)

Published: 13 December 2020
Tags: math, python

The Fourier Transform is actually pretty awesome, because it lets you switch between time and frequency domains for functions. It's one of the wonders of signals and math that sometimes make me miss electrical engineering. Well in this article, Conrad Ludgate goes about optimizing the FT in Python, showing some neat tricks along the way.

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