Good-bye ESNI, hello ECH!s

Contracts, Preconditions & Invariants

Does reducing numerical precision affect real world datasets?

Issue #45


A Byte of Coding Issue #45
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Good-bye ESNI, hello ECH!s

Published: 8 December 2020
Tags: encryption, networking

When you're using encryption on the web for communication, often times you'll have to first exchange an encryption key between client and server so that the messages sent between one another can be decrypted. Unfortunately this process happens in the open, allowing malicious users to get a peak of the key. In this article, Christopher Patton presents the new changes coming to TLS that will completely move the handshaking process to being encrypted. Christopher also gives some background on the current state of things.

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Contracts, Preconditions & Invariants

Published: 9 December 2020
Tags: cpp

Someone once told me that code is for people, not computers. You might not agree with it, but it makes a lot sense to me, and falls under the same umbrella as a similar saying, hardware is cheap, developers are expensive. Andrzej's article defines contracts as all of the information a user needs to use a component correctly, then goes on to exploring methods for guaranteeing the proper use of code with preconditions and invariants.

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Does reducing numerical precision affect real world datasets?

Published: 2 December 2020
Tags: python

A common issue when working with data is how accurate you want the data to be vs the performance. The more accurate the data, the more expensive it is to collect and keep. Fortunately, Dr. Martin Jones has written an extensive article on researching to what extent you can cut down on data percision without having a major impact on the accuracy of the end result (hot damn that's a great example of the difference between precision and accuracy). Ultimately for real data sets, switching from 64 to 32 bit is safe. 

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