Generating Rock Climbing Route Descriptions with ML (GPT-2)

Hot Swapping Production Tables for Safe Database Backfills

More and More Utilities in C++20

Issue #23


A Byte of Coding Issue #23
Thanks to everyone who put the time and effort into going on Reddit or HN to upvote the posts and comment that this is not, in fact, a dubious scheme for gathering emails. I think I'll stop the push for now, because the posts didn't go viral, so they'll probably fade away into oblivion.

Although the results of the efforts weren't as stellar as I had expected, that was primarily due to my own unpreparedness
. I learned that I definitely need to put some more time and effort into sign up website and the flow afterwards. Maybe also ask some respected people who might be subscribed to make posts on social media supporting our legitimacy. Also if you have any opinions on the matter, please let me know by replying.

Anyway, that's all for another day. For now, I'll just sit back, crack open a chilled, cloudy peach IPA, and get down to finding and summarizing some of dem gud-gud articles.

And by the way, here's the issue.

Generating Rock Climbing Route Descriptions with ML (GPT-2)

Published: 22 October 2020
Tags: machine learning

Sometimes it feels like people treat machine learning as if it's some magical science (oxymoron?) that you can throw any problem at, and it'll spit out the perfect solution. Unfortunately, that's just not true, but it doesn't mean you can't have fun with it! Matt Ritter's article is all about teaching and using the GPT-2 natural language processing model for the novel purpose of making up fake route descriptions. Matt illuminates the general process, offering helpful tokens of advice here and there from his experience.

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Hot Swapping Production Tables for Safe Database Backfills

Published: 21 October 2020
Tags: postgres, sql

Database management is one of the most frustrating things to do on the back end. Mostly because any screw up or mistake might have serious consequences if you're working with production data. In this informative article, Justin Lee describes some excellent techniques for managing a Postgres database between migrations, including using shadow tables, copy functions, and triggers. Although it's very SQL specific, the general ideas for keeping the data in sync are priceless.

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More and More Utilities in C++20

Published: 19 October 2020
Tags: c++

With great updates, come great responsibilities in finding out what new features those updates hold. That's the saying right? Well Rainer Grimm has got you covered for C++20, as always. In this article, Rainer explroes the new utility functions offered in C++20, including midpoint and linear interpolation, creating arrays, checking if a string starts or ends with a substring, and std::bind_front.

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