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Last updated: 2023/01/17

Top deep-dives on Web assembly

Pay attention to WebAssembly

Harshal Sheth discusses what, how, where, and why of Web Assembly, underlining its important role in future development on the web.

Porting Zelda Classic to the Web

Connor Clark takes us on the journey of porting the Zelda Classic engine to the web via Emscripten.

WebAssembly: Docker without containers

Asen Alexandrov gives an overview of Web Assembly (wasm) and offers a hands-on example on building a wasm container, comparing it to native binaries, and then comparing it to traditional containers.
Some highlights:

  • Wasm is a new standard that allows for portable binaries that can run on a variety of environments
  • Wasm has its origins in the web and is supported by all major browsers
  • Wasm can handle interpreted languages (in addition to compiled languages) by compiling the interpreters to wasm

Building a WebAssembly-powered serverless platform

Colin Eberhardt demonstrates how to setup your own serverless platform using Web Assembly and Rust.

Performance of WebAssembly runtimes in 2023

Frank Denis presents the current state of WebAssembly (wasm) runtimes and compares their progress since the previous benchmark.
Some highlights:

  • Lots of wasm runtimes have been abandoned
  • iwasm currently has the best performance
  • Swift can now emit wasm code and C/C++ is way easier to compile to wasm using zig cc

just-in-time code generation within webassembly

Andy Wingo demonstrates how WebAssembly could support JIT compilation.

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