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Last updated: 2022/08/16

Top deep-dives on Html

Let’s Create a Custom Audio Player

A really thorough article, with code, questions, and suggestions by Idorenyin Udoh on how to make a custom audio player in the browser. Really wish I had this a couple of months ago when I did my own heh.

Those HTML Attributes You Never Use

Louis Lazaris' article illuminates obscure HTML attributes like enterkeyhint, stylesheet title, cite, a number of different ones for custom ordered lists, download, decoding, loading, form, and a few more. It is a bit of a listicle, but the obscurity and detail in the explanation of each attribute made it worth featuring for me.

Form Validation Using JavaScript's Constraint Validation API

Although not the typical style of deep-dive, in this article Craig Buckler thoroughly covers all aspects of form validation using only built-in HTML features.

Make Beautifully Resilient Apps With Progressive Enhancement

Austin Gil shows how to build out a simple pizza ordering form and server routing using progressive web app techniques to account for users who have JavaScript disabled.

Div divisiveness

Scott O'Hara explores the HTML element div's role in the world of accessibility.

<article> vs. <section>: How To Choose The Right One

Olushuyi Olutimilehin does a very thorough analysis of when to use article and section elements for optimal accessibility on the web.

Cache the directionality of the HTML element

"All HTML elements have their own directionality". This directionality dictates the direction in which text goes (left to right or right to left), which is useful for different languages. In this concise article, Miyoung Shin outlines how element direction caching was achieved in Chromium.

Party time: Injecting code into Teleparty extension

Wladimir Palant takes advantage of an older JQuery version to inject code into a popular browser extension.

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