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Last updated: 2022/12/22

Top deep-dives on Docker

A Gentle Introduction to Using a Docker Container as a Dev Environment

If you haven't used Docker or are unfamiliar with containers as an idea, you're doing something wrong. Being able to launch an entire application in its own environment, independent of what's on your computer, is an amazing feature for programmers. Burke Holland's satirical writing explores how to run a web application in a remote container using VS Code. Although he uses the *cough* inferior *cough* OS known as Windows (fight me, I'm an Arch Linux user), I'll forgive him for the breadth of points he covers in regards to getting things running with containers.

Are Dockerfiles good enough?

Containers are widely used throughout programming. But are they really an improvement over past technologies? Mathew Duggan's ranty flavored (not unjustifiably so) article outlines developments in the tools used by operation teams and highlights some of the historical failures we're once again reliving; this time with containers.

Stop Optimizing for Tutorials

Mathew Duggan presents the dangers of adopting new technology without due diligence. Mathew specifically focuses on containers, explaining how they're frequently used incorrectly from a security and best practice point of view.
Some highlights:

  • Don't run apps in containers as root
  • If you're using Docker in production, you should really understand how permissions work on the host OS
  • Use Docker Bench for Security for scanning containers to check if they're made securely and get recommendations if not
  • k8s is a bad choice for most businesses

Containers 101: attach vs. exec - what's the difference?

Love em or hate em, containers have been and will remain to be around. Ivan Velichko's focuses on distinguishing the difference between exec and attach by looking closely at container management and the implementations of both functions.

Learning Docker with Docker - Toying With DinD For Fun And Profit

Ivan Velichko demonstrates how containers affect files on your system with code you can follow along with.

WebAssembly: Docker without containers

Asen Alexandrov gives an overview of Web Assembly (wasm) and offers a hands-on example on building a wasm container, comparing it to native binaries, and then comparing it to traditional containers.
Some highlights:

  • Wasm is a new standard that allows for portable binaries that can run on a variety of environments
  • Wasm has its origins in the web and is supported by all major browsers
  • Wasm can handle interpreted languages (in addition to compiled languages) by compiling the interpreters to wasm

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