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Last updated: 2023/02/01

Top deep-dives on Cloud

Penny Wise and Cloud Foolish

Daniel Compton analyzes the recent changes to Google Cloud, focusing specifically on the pricing changes and its potential impact on companies using their services. Not very technical, but if as a programmer you're unaware of cloud computing costs, than you're either very lucky or soon to be fired.

Cell-Based Architecture

Asanka Abeysinghe and Paul Fremantle present an architecture for large, Cloud-native applications. Interested comments and discussions can be found here too.

Desired state systems

I'd say a lot of programming architecting is balancing the complexity of an abstraction vs the complexity of reality. When does the abstraction become more of a maintenance issue than reality and vice versa? Branislav Jenco's article explores the abstraction he calls "desired state system", that "wraps an underlying API or system which has an imperative, mutable interface and allows its user to specify a desired state for this underlying system".

Solving common problems with Kubernetes

Adam Chalmers discusses why kubernetes should be used and provides a number of problems it can solve.
Some highlights:

  • Containers became very popular, but orchestrating them was a mess, hence why kubernetes
  • Tries to answer question "How do I run m processes across n servers?"
  • If you're just running on one machine, use Docker Compose

Can Web3 beat public cloud?

Colin Eberhardt discusses the his experience porting a service from AWS to Ethereum, and how Ethereum fared in comparison.
Some highlights:

  • Ethereum was much more expensive than AWS, gas prices were unpredictable, and that the technology was not really decentralized
  • Ethereum was slow, lacked many of the conventional infrastructure concepts, and that the wallet software was difficult to use
  • Testnets were also found to be unreliable
  • Conclusion? Ethereum is not a viable alternative to public cloud

A dancing space leak

The article discusses a space leak in the Social Dance Today server and how Tom Sydney Kerckhove fixed it.
Some highlights:

  • The server was suddenly going down and that the CPU credits were running out
  • Tom noticed that the service with the biggest memory footprint was the one with the space leak
  • The problem was all stemming from an incorrectly configured cache

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