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Last updated: 2022/07/04

Top deep-dives on Algorithms

The case for a learned sorting algorithm

I'm pretty convinced a machine running the most state-of-the-art sorting algorithm is going to be the first artificial intelligence to gain sentience. A stretch? Maybe, but the joke doesn't take away from how impressive these algorithms are. In this summative article, Adrian Colyer highlights the key points of a published paper that describes a machine learning sorting algorithm that "outperforms the next best competitor, RadixSort, by a factor of 1.49x". The crazy part? This includes time spent training.

Bracket pair colorization 10,000x faster

When writing code, often times you'll want to keep track of brackets, paranthesis, and other symbols that outline the current scope. This extensive article by Henning Dieterichs covers the algorithms and data structures required to achieve the titular claim in VSCode.

Proving 50-Year-Old Sorting Networks Optimal: Part 1

Sorting networks are like sorting algorithms that require a fixed length of items as input and are made up of comparison elements that just change the items position based on their value. And they're sequential programs. Not a very good explanation? Well Jannis Harder does a much better job in this article. After the introduction, Jannis answers questions like where are sorting networks used, how are they identified, how they're constructed, and how to prove their optimality.

Visualizing Nelder-Mead Optimization

Alex Dowad explains visualizations for the Nelder-Mead optimization algorithm (which we covered in a previous issue).

Attempting to create an aesthetic global line breaking algorithm

Jussi Pakkanen introduces and briefly discusses implementing it.

Probabilistic Delta Debugging

Guancheng Wang, Ruobing Shen, Junjie Chen, Yingfei Xiong, and Lu Zhang present their work on creating a delta debugging (the act of finding an error through trial and error by iterating on some input) algorithm that is more efficient than the current popular choice (ddmin).

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